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Intelligent, witty, and interesting comments on our magazine, pro or con, are always welcome... along with suggestions or corrections. Please ensure that your letters are brief and to the point. Letters to the Editor maybe published at our discretion. There is no payment for those published. If you do not wish your letter to be published, please state this within its contents. Email editorial(at)


As you can tell by our magazine's style, we tend to prefer our ads to reflect our esthetic. Therefore not all brands work best with TNS.  If need be, our in-house design team is available for a set design fee to create an advert on par.  For more information on advertising see our RATE SHEET.

Here at The New Smoker we greatly appreciate interest and enthusiasm from all who may be wishing to contribute. We accept articles, short stories, opinion pieces, photos, travel articles, feature-length interviews, and illustrations. Anything of metric may be considered. To discuss and suggest possible contributions email: editorial(at)


Note: If an article is submitted unsolicited we reserve the right to not publish the article and not be required to make payment for submission.



High Art highlights artist from all around the world working in different mediums. Each issue features three individual artists. To suggest or be considered as one of these featured artists, please send a brief email describing the artist and their work along with a link to their work online. No payment is given to artists featured. We are highlighting artists that the TNS team feels our readership will appreciate and enjoy.  Email for consideration sj(at)


The New Smoker is proud to feature stand-alone comics and graphic novels within its pages. We gladly accept submissions from talented artists wishing to contribute. Email all submissions to soren(at)



Products and cannabis centric books are often reviewed by the writers and staff at TNS. If you have products, books or suggestions for review please email: info(at)


Note: Reviews are written with nonbias stance and honesty showing pros and cons of all items reviewed.



At The New Smoker we feel that we are standing on the edge of something new and vast within the cannabis industry a new way of thinking about how the world views cannabis users. Stepping away from the stereotypes and prejudices that surround the cannabis industry. With potential of full legalization comes great opportunity in all accepts of this industry. For potential investment opportunities with The New Smoker and its expansion, email: soren(at)


The New Smoker is currently only available online. It has a subscribed readership of around 75%  based in Los Angeles, C.A  in the U.S.A. the remainder are worldwide.  A limited collectors edition of the first years editions will be soon be available for purchase.  For enquires on distribution or online subscriptions email: info(at)




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