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Doctor Frank - Episode 149: Soren Gray

May 2017 a year on and Doctor Frank checks in with Soren Gray and to see how the elevation of cannabis is growing. 

Listen in/ Watch the video and #ElevateTheConversation 


Soren Gray

Elevate the Conversation with Soren Gray

DOCTOR FRANK BLOG - preinterview May 2017  : Soren Gray is the Editor-in-Chief of The New Smoker, a magazine that wants to “put the class into grass.” Anyone who’s read the magazine (and we recommend you do) will see that it doesn’t look at all like the High Times and other magazines of that ilk. (Not that they’re a bad ilk – they’re fantastic magazines in their own right.) The ratio of “bud porn” to articles is low in The New Smoker, and there is definitely a far more literary bent...Read More 

Doctor Frank - Episode 101: Soren Gray

May 2016 Doctor Frank interviewed Soren Gray editor-in-chief of The podcast/ video show covered how The New Smoker is working to "Bring Class to Grass".

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Elevate The Conversation with Doctor Frank By UBN Radio

Soren Gray Editor-in-Chief, The New Smoker Magazine 
Image credit: photographer Rick Proctor image from How I Get High™ series. 
Frank D’Ambrosio MD,  Orthopedic Surgeon
Frank D’Ambrosio MD,  Orthopedic Surgeon
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